Friday, April 12, 2013

Kermit Gosnell and the Malkin/Breitbart Psychosis

The irony of the right wing's sudden outrage over Kermit Gosnell is that making abortion illegal will lead to way more horrific Kermit Gosnell situations. This is EXACTLY why abortion needs to be legal and safe: because people with no other option will seek out secret, last-chance options like this. The right's unwillingness to acknowledge this reality is almost a form of dementia.

Malkin and Breitbart are spewing tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories about the "liberal" media covering up the true evils of abortion, attempting to use Gosnell as an example of the evils of the pro-choice position.

The reality is the exact opposite: what most rational people - even those who are uncomfortable with abortion - want is to have abortion be sufficiently safe and available so that we don't have to read these sickening stories ever again.

And what's borderline comical is that the wing nut set likes to use the rationale that no gun control will work since those inclined to want a gun will break the law and get one anyway... but they aren't so quick to accept that the same thing would happen if ABORTION were banned.

It's just the latest example of the insane hypocrisy of "pro-lifers" selectively choosing just which lives they consider sacred... and of the right wing living not in the world as it is, but the world as they wish it were.

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