Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'd like to say this shocks me...

... but from the right, nothing shocks me anymore.  This from the New York Post...

This cartoon lampoons this week's shooting of a chimp, and makes the point that the stimulus bill is obviously so stupid that a chimp could have written it, or makes the point that the stimulus bill is dangerous- like the late chimp.

But the slur of equating an African-American with a monkey hangs over the entire cartoon, and there can be little doubt that this was meant to draw attention in a way that afforded plausible deniability and leaves the publication on the hook for little more than rank thoughtlessness.

This is, however, a Rupert Murdoch publication we're talking about here, so the odds that this wasn't a calculated and strategic expression of borderline racist contempt for the President who beat them?   Minimal.

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