Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Presidential Ground Game as College Football Recruiting"

So, one of my fellow organizers here at BHO MI HQ gets a call, not unlike the ones we spend much of our days making right now, trying to bring in volunteers to canvass and phone bank.

She informs the caller, who is calling from our campaign in Ohio, that she is already in Michigan as an organizer.

"Are you happy there?" the caller asks her.  "Do you think you might like to come to Ohio instead?"


This is like what Jim Tressel does when he is trying to steal a high profile recruit from Michigan!  Hey, he's only a verbal commitment and we play through the whistle at this level!  Is he going to promise her a car and a hotel suite with a Jacuzzi?  A job in the Obama Administration with a West Wing office 75 feet from the Oval?

Don't they get that an electoral vote in one large swing state counts as much as an electoral vote in another?  

One more reason for me to just hate Ohio.  Go Blue... which is what we hope the state of Michigan will do for Barack.  Good grief.


Anison said...

"Are you happy there?"...that's awesome.

Debacle said...

Maybe she figured the: "Are you happy there..." line worked for Justin Boren. So, why not...